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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Questions that are asked and frequently answered; in one place for your (and our) convenience.

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What is Post Mortem?
Is Post Mortem appropriate for children? What is the age rating?
Is Post Mortem a subscription service?
Can I order this as a gift? Will the recipient know who the sender is? Is there a reveal message?
Will you provide the answer to the mystery? Can there be more than one correct answer?
Is this a group activity or is it meant for individuals?
How many mailings does it have?
How long does it take to play?
Do I need to complete the cases in a specific order?
Do I need to be in Los Angeles to solve the case?
What is Lights, Camera, Murder! about?
What is Death in La-La Land about?
What if I have a question that isn’t answered here?