Step into the hard-boiled life of a 1940’s gumshoe working for the Global Detective Agency. In this series of murder mysteries, you will take on the role of probationary cautionary auxiliary investigator. All the files you need will be sent to your door, including a map of your jurisdiction and pertinent evidence. It will be yours to investigate, follow leads, interrogate suspects, study the clues, and solve the murder. Once you think you have the answers, you can write them on the Final Report included in the box, then break the seal to read the resolution and find out if you were successful in your investigation.The cases do not need to be completed in a specific order. While they do occur in the same universe, each case is self-contained and standalone. Chronologically, Lights, Camera, Murder! takes place first, then Death in La-La Land, then Lucha Muerte. It can be either a group or individual activity. Some people find it productive to work as a team and brainstorm theories, others prefer to act solo. It’s entirely up to you.

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